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343, wont heavy engine ruin it?

Posted: 01 Apr 2016 11:13 pm
by oobik

So I was reading how utterly wonderful the 340's are, nice weight ratio and all that. Until I got to drive one. And bam I realized what noone seems to mention when they are describing these cars: they love to understeer if you play fool!!!
Push it too hard and oh how it loves to dig the nose down and run to the closest post!
Of course it does that, altough even the 1.4 engine is so light, all the engines sit so far front in relation to front axle. Of ourse it is not that bad, you just have to watch out. But it is weird experience from a car which pulls itself with rear wheels.
Now to the point. I was fixed on the plan to ditch the 1.4 engine but as I have had some time with it, it kind of started to grow on me. I love what it offers, sounds nice, I hear it is not thirsty, matches good with the car...offers great driving experince. It is one of those combos which you see rarely, pleasure comes from something more than just burning rubber.
I had an idea, to put "decent" redblock under that bonnet. B234f, B230FB, B200FT, I love all those engines on Volvo 740. Now I am worried if those engines wont "break" that little car? Of course I would love that little lump of 1.4 would move car faster along, but not with the price of ruining the driving characteristics! As I mentioned, they like to understeer if pushed, what is your experience with even more weight in front?
Since you know, when the engine is not on the stand, we need two guys to drag 2.3l redblock around. But with 1.4, I almost manage to pick it up myself alone and move where I want. There seems to be lot of weight difference.


Re: 343, wont heavy engine ruin it?

Posted: 02 Apr 2016 01:51 am
by Ride_on
Not sure where you are from, but in the UK a 340 with a B200 engine is called a 360, Volvo already made them and you can drop in a B230FT, many people do. The struts have different camber, mid fuel tank, torque tube, stiffer spring (every heard of a 360 GLT?) and I think the 360s are pretty awesome.


Re: 343, wont heavy engine ruin it?

Posted: 02 Apr 2016 11:12 am
by oobik
Yes, I am aware of the 360. I have another thread in this forum where I was discussing different engine options for the 343, along with what parts I need from 360 to make that happen.
I was not aware that 360 have different chamber angle by default.
I am from Estonia.

Until I was just making plans in theory I had an idea to drop in big redblock to 343 instantly, now I am unsure if it wont break the driving dynamics too much. And the good 45 MPG with 1.4 is tempting as well, no redblock does that. Unless they become lot less thirsty in lighter body.

Re: 343, wont heavy engine ruin it?

Posted: 02 Apr 2016 11:39 am
by Ride_on
Yes, red block has pretty poor economy in 360 too lol. You need to get 360 struts.

Re: 343, wont heavy engine ruin it?

Posted: 02 Apr 2016 01:25 pm
by oobik
For the 5 speed gearbox, would I need the driveshaft from 360 again or I can just replace the M45 easily with M47?

I read as well that oldschool renault 5 engines are popular option for 343. Fuel economy stays similar but engines have lil more power. Anyone can comment that. They should be much lighter than redblocks, right?

Re: 343, wont heavy engine ruin it?

Posted: 20 May 2018 10:19 pm
by Ride_on
The 5speed gearbox is only different at the back, where the 5speed extension is. The front of the 360 gearbox is slightly different to the 340 to mate with the 360 torque tube. So you need at least the front part, I don't know if it will fit the M45.

If you want decent power and reliability you need the redblock turbo and 360 driveline.

Renault 5 turbo, yes you can fit and some peope do but it won't last very long, the 340 prop is weak and very dependant on mounting bush condition for the Engine and gearbox. Also the rubber in the props is past its sell by date.