Stuck Throttle Cable

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Stuck Throttle Cable

Post by Chris_C » 11 Oct 2010 05:07 pm

Cheers macplaxton, originally in ... 87#p130968

Whip the air filter housing off and look at the carburettor end too.


(Pages linked from my Flickr and from the Green Books, click image for larger versions)

The springy bit you describe is the kickdown switch, as outlined here:


By you pressing it, you are just shortening the outer cable. Have a proper look at the inner cable at both ends. Even my brother could manage to do this even though he's a grade A technical numpty.

So it's a choice of:
a) inner cable not sliding smoothly in the outer
b) pedal pivot stiff/seized
c) return spring at carb end
d) carb linkage stiff/seized

Have another look and determine which it is.

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