Electric Mirror Wiring 3/'87>

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Electric Mirror Wiring 3/'87>

Post by Nimminz » 13 Sep 2011 11:16 am

After installing my Electric mirrors, i have made a wiring diagram to help anybody stuck in the future.

Its for Mirrors from March 1987 onwards.

Here's the link to the blue leaflet, which gives good info on fitting. As my car didn't have the looms for e-mirrors i had to make my own and, as a result, had to work out what each wire does and how the switch works (didn't have a haynes that covered it at the time).

http://www.volvo300mania.com/forum-uk/v ... =37&t=3842

So, my diagram:


The wiring colours indicated between mirror and switch are the colours of the wires that are attached to the mirrors before the plug. The yellow wire that is the ground for the heated element (if applicable) does not need to go to the switch and can be grounded somewhere else if you want. I used a point inside the door. Finally the Brown wire, the live for the heating element, is meant to be scotch-locked into the Brown-with-black-stripe wire that comes out of the Black plug at the rear of the heated rear window switch located in the dash to the right of the instrument cluster. On OEM installed cars there is a "heated screen extension lead" that splits the power feed off to the mirrors save having a scotch lock in the system

Hope this helps!

p.s. I don't know why the image has gone weird colours, will sort it soon :)
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