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Rear Cluster Earth Faults

Posted: 29 Jan 2007 10:41 am
by Chris_C
Found why this was so difficult to find, it was hidden away in someone elses post, and had never been a standalone topic! Thanks to Pete for reminding me it even existed...

Sorry I've been taking a bit over this all, photos for how to cure rear cluster earth faults (you do need to have a vague amount of soldering under your belt, but get some spare bulb holders from the scrappy to practise)

Dead simple other than the first bit of soldering. Take out the bulb holder, and tin (heat and coat with solder) both a 6in length of wire (enough to get to the bolt that holds the cluster in) and the earth strip on the bulb holder (the bit that doesn't have a wire going to it). IT IS REALLY IMPORTANT YOU TIN BOTH THE WIRE AND THE HOLDER! Then hold the two tinned pieces close, apply a tad of heat, and all is good. Solder (or crimp if you don't like soldering) a ring terminal to the other end of the wire, and under the bolt that holds the cluster in. Attach ring to bolt. Redo up the bolt, and the bulb holder should work when you switch the right switch. Stuff the holder back where you found it, and smile :lol:

Remember, 300 earths are brown, not black like I've used. This was cos I was in a rush, but make your own life easier for when you have to trace faults ;)



Sexy amp optional