MR300: re build, aggression style.

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Re: MR300: re build, aggression style.

Post by macplaxton » 14 Apr 2017 12:32 pm

The photo was originally Liam's L14MNP / Last visited:25 Aug 2014 23:07] The car was a 360GLS. It was parted out in the end, but the main thread on it is here: ... 52&t=10269
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Re: MR300: re build, aggression style.

Post by Logan360 » 15 Apr 2017 08:39 am

So. Some theoretical progress!!

I have a 360GLS my friend wants.

He has a HOT I want.

The his has a blown bottom end. So we're pulling the motor that's currently in my 360 which won't work in it, and putting it in the carbed GLS, which will just need an electric fuel pump to run.

Once the his is running, we'll be swapping cars, so I will have his GLT. It has too much rust to be legal again, so the motor from that will go in my baby :lol: (which means I can drive her again, after 6 years off the road.

Which will leave his motorless shell. So I will turn that into a trailer.

Many many excite!!!!!!!

Also if anyone has a turbo 360 loom they want to sell, let me know ;)
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