My new volvo 340.

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My new volvo 340.

Post by Mcglone7 » 12 Feb 2013 10:03 pm

Hey guys,

Just recently bought this beaut, with a load of things too. Even came with Renault 5 turbo engine, spare diff, set of wheels, spare axle, lowering blocks, springs and spare leafs. The car has only done believe it or not 3,847 miles. I've even checked it with online dvla and it all adds up when the tests were done. Legit enough :)

Question about fitting the lowering blocks. They are 2 inch but what sized bolts do you need to make them fit (the four bolts under the driveshaft). I seen some of you show but not the sizes :?
Planning to get it lowered this weekend. Also it needs a name haaha. :D


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Re: My new volvo 340.

Post by Speedy88 » 13 Feb 2013 01:20 am

That's an incredibly low mileage, I take it it's been sitting in a garage all this time? Nice 2 door dude, I hope you'll look after it and make it look really cool.

I'm surprised despite the low mileage it still has front valance rust!
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Re: My new volvo 340.

Post by macplaxton » 13 Feb 2013 02:07 am

Speedy88 wrote:it still has front valance rust!
Do you have a wider view than me. I can only see the moth-eaten front wing. :?

It's a MY84/85?
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Re: My new volvo 340.

Post by MCHUDD » 13 Feb 2013 11:08 am

Hi all.
Looks like its done a bit more than 4 thousand miles.
Would love to know more.
Cheers Mark.
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Re: My new volvo 340.

Post by Mcglone7 » 13 Feb 2013 06:52 pm

It's a A reg 1984.
I didn't believe it at first so i looked at the DVLA MOT record which shows every time the car was MOT'ed. It matches up.
Believe what you want but the old MOT in front of me says 3,847. Ha.

I heard that it was owned by a old gentleman then a kid bought it but hasn't had it long so now my turn. Yeah i'm not too bothered about the rust at the front that's nothing. Big plans for it. :)

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Re: My new volvo 340.

Post by Rubenv340 » 13 Feb 2013 09:51 pm

Volvo 340 direct from the Volvo car dealer, haha :P

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Re: My new volvo 340.

Post by Mcglone7 » 18 Feb 2013 09:44 pm

Little question about the Renault 5 turbo. At the moment it's just sitting in my garage.

What's the main things needed to change to fit this engine? I heard you need to make a new exhaust for it which might be tricky for me. I just want to do it right the first time than to have problems right away. The plan is to clean up the engine, make sure it starts. Get new plugs, cambelt, head skimmed, carb cleaned and to get rid of the oil stain over it. Also thinking about upgrading the cooling system. I might get a bigger turbo. To be honest though 160bhp would be enough for me at the moment. Although hearing 200bhp is possible although i don't think i want to risk that yet.

Got very little cash and i'm even planning to get a second job to get the car the way i want.

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