Winter sleigh 340

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Winter sleigh 340

Post by Sarunasu » 13 Feb 2014 01:49 pm

Hello everyone!

Me and my friends are mainly driving rwd cars and we are always having lots of fun drifting when the streets are full of snow. Last year, we have decided that it is not a good idea to use daily driven cars for drifting, especially when the speeds get higher and the sidewalk edges get closer and closer every time you try to push the cards towards the perfect angle. So we started looking at various RWD cars, BMW E36, Ford Sierra etc. until we got to know that 340's are RWD(!!!!). We have checked the dealer sites and found out that there is only one for sale and it has already been prepared for some winter drifting. We bought it without much doubt.

We have had much fun until January, that was the time when our Volvo was too tired to drift. Something made a hole in our diff, the head got burned and required some therapy. We have managed to get the head fixed and the car started up again only yesterday, now we only have to regulate the carb for proper fuel injection and replace the diff.

Volvo 340 1987:

Welded diff.
DYI lowering kit.
1.7 59 Kw
Everything else is bone stock, except for the overfenders and some shitty stickers on the car.

Plans for this week:

- Remove the stickers.
- Replace the front springs(Previous owner cut them down too much so now the ride is really shaky)
- Replace the stock steering wheel with Raid one.

Plans until summer:
- Find a proper engine.
- Think of a way how to improve the durability of the torque tube.
- Weld 2 wheels into 1 so the overfenders would not look silly.

I will try uploading as much good footage from our winter drift community as possible, hopefully you will enjoy seeing this 340 go sideways :)



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