building volvo 340 1.4 litre for first cat

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building volvo 340 1.4 litre for first cat

Post by toby.lance » 08 May 2014 10:50 pm

I got a volvo 340 gl 1.4 litre petrol to restore for my first car. There's quite a bit of work to do to it but its worth it. I've got to fix the front end as it collapsed on the left side. There's a couple of rust patches in the body work but other wise the shells quite clean. I've got some black cobra bucket seats to put in the front but Im gonna spray the interior all black because its this really horrible blue ish green ish colour. I've got a problem about the bonnet because the hinges are at the front and they'll hit the spot lights each time. But im missing a rubber boot spoiler for it.

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Re: building volvo 340 1.4 litre for first cat

Post by classicswede » 09 May 2014 09:58 am

The front spring cups do need a lot of care when welding on the new cups as it is very easy to wreck the leg if you get it wrong on blow weld through. Some of them go very thin just above the cup where water has been trapped making the area very flaky.

I never had any problems with my spot lights on the bumper but they were mounted fairly well forward off the bumper brackets. Sounds like the positioning was not thought out in your case, it should not be a problem to move them forward to clear.

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