No pilots licence required

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No pilots licence required

Post by Rikochet » 30 Nov 2014 01:55 am

Ok so I don't actually have a 340 yet so it's not a build thread as such, but I do have this!!!


81,000 miles and it's an auto so it should be relatively unstressed and the engine is sweet which is great as that's the only part I intend to keep. I want to build a 340 road legal drift/track car. Something fairly versatile that I can drive back and forth to the track as I'm not allowed a towbar on my company car and I've never seen the point of having a noisy car if you can't scare the s%*^ out of your neighbours with it at 7am on a Sunday morning.

I've read loads about the conversion so far and I'm fairly handy with the spanners but a conversion always has it's moments.

Is there anyone that has done the conversion from start to finish who can guide me as I go?

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Re: No pilots licence required

Post by Minibuzz » 04 Dec 2014 11:11 am

Hehe buying the donor before the actual car, champion! :D

You going to be looking at getting a 340 hatch or saloon?

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