To good or to bad?

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To good or to bad?

Post by Bor » 17 Mar 2016 02:01 pm

Oh man, when I read threads like about the Duchess and Andrew's from Russia, the 340 cvt for sale here seems more attractive every update.
The thing is prepaired for shows. Pristine, rust free, 35k kms, with everything revised/renewed and half a car of spares. Asking 3,5K Euros.
Since a crappy risky one starts at 1k+* over here, it is probably incredible vfm but it is too good to enjoy :(
We have no garage and we do want to USE it.
Looking at the project threads wth the calculator in hand, it makes great economic sense to start with such a good car as a base for mods but it also simply is sacrilege. Pristine ones are SO rare now.

Same thing a bog standard rust free relatively low mileage 343 B19.
Nice ones are SCARCE but it makes total sense to opt for one of those as project base :oops:
A rust free, running but well used 360i costs not a lot less and just a few repairs get at the same cost yet you still have a way 'older' car.

So there we are:
We either pay less for a costly project not a shame too thrash or
we pay more for a economically sound one which is a shame to thrash :shock:

Feels wrong to go mod and 'thrash' a survivor but it also feels wrong for the wallet not to.
These Volvo branded DAFs are simply too undesirable for their own good.

At the moment it is keeping me from buying any which one :(

* to get a car transferred to your name, it costs about 180 Euros regardless of whether it is a 1000 or a 3.500 Euro one.
The cheaper, the worse the economics become as they are in general cheap for a reason. You pay the same transfer amount for rust or for solid metal.

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