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Brake Hoses

Posted: 15 Jun 2020 02:46 pm
by TasMan
Hi All,

I am planning on changing the rear wheel cylinders and while I am at it I am going to change the brake hoses (original marked '87!) and might do the front caliper seals too.

Am I correct in saying 340/360s have 3 hoses i.e 2xFront 1xRear to the axle....
I have had a quick look on the car but admit I haven't fully checked.
Most of the uprated hose kits I have seen seem to offer 4 hoses ?

Also, would appreciate if anyone could confirm the OEM hose lengths for front and rear ?

I have a Mk3 1987 360.
Many thanks

Re: Brake Hoses

Posted: 15 Jun 2020 11:59 pm
by bogbasic
Hello, good luck with all that.

When I have done this in the past, the metal brake pipes usually get broken e.g. the one across the back-axle (just to cheer you up) but it was dead-easy to get someone to make-up copper replacements (although the last time I asked at the shop, they has stopped doing it, which is a pain). I had to replace the one going from front to back on the 360 and clip it all along the transmission tunnel, which was a bit of amusement. I wouldn't recommend trying to flare your own copper brake-pipes with a cheap tool (like mine) as the quality turned-out to be appalling i.e. lethal!! Anyhow, with extra care removing the old hoses you might be able to save the old metal pipes, although the one on the back axle does rust through (happened on my 1.4 - trying to stop it going down a steep hill with only the handbrake and air in the brake pipes was amusing, too).

There are two hoses at the front and one at the back. I don't have the exact spec of any of them because I just get them on eBay or from a local shop when I need them. Sometimes I have the right spare anyway. I've got one here right now which is brand new but the date on it is 1989!! There's more in the roof if you are at all interested!!

Anyhow, I found some piccies on my blog which might help.


Re: Brake Hoses

Posted: 16 Jun 2020 11:00 pm
by TasMan
Cheers Jon, Will watch out for snapping the pipes, I might go round all the unions with some Plus Gas or similar a day or two before doing the job. The pipes themselves are in reasonable condition, the metal ends of the hoses themselves haven't fared as well so I expect I will be very lucky not to have one snap. Might gear up with some new pipe and fittings just in case, I have a friend with a decent flaring tool should the worst happen.
Often have a browse through your blog, very interesting and informative ! :)
Cheers Dave

Re: Brake Hoses

Posted: 19 Jun 2020 05:28 pm
by Ride_on
The braided hose kits also come with 4, they just don't know, someone made a mistake once and everyone copies it.
I have a spare rear braided hose if you want it, never used, a few years old HEL.

Re: Brake Hoses

Posted: 21 Aug 2020 10:14 pm
by TasMan
I've been gradually working round the brakes on the 360...enjoyable learning curve for sure...
Started with the rears and have ended up replacing everything, even sourcing new drums.
Been very lucky so far, no snapped pipes and everything coming apart fairly well. Been using a freeze spray along with plus gas which seems to be a good combo. The binding rear brake was a combination of siezed handbrake lever and sticky cylinders, all good now.
Now on with the front caliper rebuilds....
Have stripped the calipers, cleaned, painted and fitted new seals, pistons, bleed screws and hoses. The discs are like new, must have been changed before lay up 10+ years ago. I have stuck some NOS Ferodo pads on which should bring things back up to scratch.
I didn't realise you have to remove the full hub to get the discs off, a job for the future when they are needed. Quite glad I didn't have to go there as that will be another new procedure to learn...
Will link some pics when I have the job complete, hopefully no more sticking brakes !

Re: Brake Hoses

Posted: 24 Aug 2020 09:52 pm
by SteveP
Nice job, glad that it's been going smoothly!

The front disc/hub arrangement is a bit annoying and the hub stake nuts are no longer readily available. I've been looking into this recently as my GLT needs front discs replacing. I managed to get some from the Daf Club NL and a lucky NOS pair found on eBay. Certain wheel bearing kits seem to come with them (SKF maybe?), but most don't! You could probably re-use the stake nut if it's not too mangled and been reused too many times, but ideally they should be replaced - particularly as it holds the hub on!

Re: Brake Hoses

Posted: 26 Aug 2020 09:40 pm
by TasMan
Nearly done with the brakes now...bleeding them tomorrow and will see how it goes....

Thanks for the tip on the stake nuts, will look into that in due course, might keep an eye out for a couple of bearing kits with nuts to have handy. Surprising the range of NOS parts that appear on Ebay for the 300s. I got the brake shoes for £15 quid, still in the proper blue volvo box, and the set of Ferodo pads for £10....didn't think that was too bad.

Next job will be tackling the pinhole radiator leak...think it will be fine if I keep an eye on it until it is off the road for the winter, can't see it suddenly becoming a geyser :? Noticed it when I did the timing belt, literally a drop of coolant every so often. Bumper off job I believe which will give me an opportunity to do any rust proofing at the front and fit the ambient sensor properly for the 6 dial dash upgrade. Still a big list of jobs to tackle...! Cheers Dave