360 Tinted Windscreen Spare

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360 Tinted Windscreen Spare

Post by TasMan » 28 Sep 2019 10:45 pm

Just noticed today a pinhead chip on the windscreen of my GLT which appears to have caused a couple of small cracks internally. Looks worse in the photos below but I am wary of this developing into a crack - I don't think a chip repair would be effective at this stage as the crack is internal, but will seek advice.
Whats the chances of finding a good spare blue tinted windscreen for a 360 GLT as having one in stock might be a good idea... ?
I dare say a set of 3-door glass wouldn't be a bad idea if such an opportunity arose...!
Thanks Dave
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Re: 360 Tinted Windscreen Spare

Post by bogbasic » 29 Sep 2019 05:14 pm

There was a thread on here about a year or two ago saying that tinted windscreens were NLA so if you have one that works, I would try to make use of it as long as poss. Clear screens are, or were, less of a prob. I'm game for a spare.

Cheers, bogs.
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