Dashboard lights not working

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Dashboard lights not working

Post by Adriann » 12 Mar 2011 01:23 am

Hello friends!

I have a '94 :340: and something weird happened to him. I played with my cd-player. I changed the wiring a bit so I can listen music even with the ignition off and small short circuit occurred.
The aftermath of this incident is as follows:
- One fuse burned up, the cd-player wasn't working anymore and I changed it now it works.
- The dashboard lights are not working when I switch on the headlights. When I was switching on the headlights, a in-air(displaced?) little bulb was turning on under the dashboard. Now it's dead, and one of the wires the powers it looks exactly the same as the positive wire from the headlight low beam.
- The left low beam(not the main one, the small one) is not working. No electricity is on the positive wire.
- I checked, double and triple checked the fuse box. Everything looks alright!

I have no clue where to start. Please advice.

Thank you sm4

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