a c system

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a c system

Post by Logan360 » 01 Jul 2012 10:14 am

Hey guys got ac in my 87 but the cars future isn't looking too happy. was wondering how rare these oi are? it also has the fabled good engine mounts which i know are worth a touch. also as the 87 will be a donor for my 86 (donor number 4) how easy is the ac to install?
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Re: a c system

Post by trabitom99 » 06 Jul 2012 09:32 am

AFAIK all Aussie cars got AC, but in Europe very few cars did. Hence there have been lots of AC parts going from Aussie-land over to Europe:-)

The bits to hang on to (in order of rareness) are:

the AC on/off switch in the dash
the heater box including the evaporator (LHD only)
Compressor bracket and bolts (even if it's the non-PAS version)
the condensor, mounted on front of the radiator, along with all the mountings and fittings
any extra cooling fans mounted to the condensor, or the radiator shroud

the things to ditch:
the compressor (too heavy to post, better to get a new one if you're going to the effort of fitting AC)
the hoses (should be remade if you're going to the effort of fitting AC)
the filter / drier (a maintenance part anyway)

It's a lot easier to retro-fit AC if all the bits like the wiring, hoses, fittings etc are complete, but if you're packing things in a box and posting, it's better to stick to the important parts.

Here are some more links on the subject:
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