Faulty propshaft, clutch or gears?

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Faulty propshaft, clutch or gears?

Post by benjileo » 13 Jun 2019 12:24 pm

Hi all,

In the last couple days I've noticed a grinding/rumbling sound from underneath the gearbox

When the car is in neutral and the clutch is out there is an audible rumbling that goes away when I push the clutch in.

When changing gears this rumbling becomes more of a grinding sound and is louder the higher the revs - this makes me think it's more likely to be the prop?

I had the clutch replaced less than a year ago. Having done some reading it could be a loose bearing perhaps, but I was told that my prop was looking a little worn last time I took it to a garage, which makes me think it's more likely that.

If it is the prop, does anyone know where I can source one (can't find any on ebay) or perhaps know of other models that will fit the 340?


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Re: Faulty propshaft, clutch or gears?

Post by bogbasic » 13 Jun 2019 10:40 pm

Hello, I think the propshaft is unique to the 340 and is very hard to find nowadays. I don't have much experience of propshaft problems, thankfully, so sorry I can't be more helpful in diagnosing the problem.
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Re: Faulty propshaft, clutch or gears?

Post by Ride_on » 07 Aug 2019 11:12 pm

You didn't say it was a 340 or a 360. I'm guessing because they can see the prop it is a 340.

The gear box is at the back in any case, if you mean the clutch housing then if its a 340 the clutchshaft bearing might be damaged. There are no moving parts in the 340 prop, it doesn't wear, don't take it back to that place. It does have rubber in it which can give up, but someone has remouded theirs.
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