Needing a new solex carb for my 1.7 340

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Needing a new solex carb for my 1.7 340

Post by Owenbrooker340 » 15 Sep 2019 02:11 pm

Hello all, looking for a new carb for my 1.7 340. Will either take a “running” carb off a broken car or a refurbished one! Please contact me as it’s my daily driver and I’m rather desperate!

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Re: Needing a new solex carb for my 1.7 340

Post by bogbasic » 16 Sep 2019 08:04 pm

Hello, just so happens I'm having some carb issues of my own. The best thing is to send a private message to a member called "mac" since he refurbishes Solex carbs for the 300 series. If you send him your phone number, he always calls back. Indeed I spoke to him myself only a day or two ago...
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