New engine suggestions 360 GLT

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New engine suggestions 360 GLT

Post by trevan » 01 Apr 2017 01:28 am

Hi guys,

I am halfway through building my version of a 360 muscle car. In Australia we have a lot of little muscle cars that came out in the same era and the 360 and I felt this would be unique and unmatched on the road.

I have the 2 ltr stock GLT engine in the car at the moment and it is in pretty good shape for its age. I dont believe any of the 360 turbo's ever made it out here but I know they are very popular in the UK.

Do you guys think its worth trying to get a turbo from the UK that I could fit on my GLT engine? Would it even work? Or would I be better off trying to but in another engine from a different model that would fit without having to replace the transmission ect.

Love to hear what you guys can suggest.

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Re: New engine suggestions 360 GLT

Post by 360beast » 01 Apr 2017 09:57 am

The 360 turbo was very rare even when new and it was only for the carburettor models.

To turbo a 360 you have to get a b200 or b230 turbo from a 700/900 series along with all of the wiring, ecu(s), flywheel, custom turbo side engine mount, it isn't an easy task and is a long process to get right. You should have a look at Ride on's 360 turbo project thread and see just what is involved.

Stock management would run terrible if you put a turbo on it.

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Re: New engine suggestions 360 GLT

Post by Logan360 » 02 Apr 2017 04:08 am

I was gonna do it over here, thought about shipping in a loom from England (if anyone is selling let me know) but i convinced a mate to buy one, and when I started driving it for a but it made me miss my one (ran a bearing) so I'm just looking for a replacement B200E now.

The 2.3 turbo is done, not so much over our ways, but there are plenty of write ups about it all over the net.
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Re: New engine suggestions 360 GLT

Post by miniswift » 17 Apr 2017 10:36 pm

Hi Trevan,

Sine you are in Oz, how about going smaler engine but more power?
In Oz, Suzuki Swift Gti is very popular car still and this might be an engine choice :wink: !?

I have a few freind in Oz who can help you get over 300 bhp from 1300 16v engine.
I'm building an engine with over 300+ Bhpso it will be nice and easy :lol: .

Just imagine you over take M5 and AMG and tell them you only got 1300cc!
My mate who runs 370Bhp over took Ferrai and Aerial Atom Super 300 and they were so sad to sepd so muach money on their cars!



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