trimming down the spares collection,

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trimming down the spares collection,

Post by madseb » 10 Aug 2018 09:52 am

hi all,
I'm currently in the process of relocating my storage with the car, and didn't realise just how much stuff I have accumulated...

as such I need to trim things down a little, and move on some surplus parts.
i have a lot of general spares, so drop me a pm if theres anything you are after, as its probably tucked away in boxes somewhere, aswell as various upgrade/performance parts ive collected over the years.

i will update the thread as and when i can get down there to photograph various parts.
feel free to share the thread with other sites, and pass the word on.

all sensible offers will be considered, although unfortuntaely its collection only. from dagenham essex. i might be bale to post out small parts. but this will need to be arranged seperately.

cobra clubman seats in red, came with a car i brought and broke for parts. tatty but will function correctly as as a seat, will included the "mounts" if they are destined for a 300, £40 the pair, thats £20 a seat.

Four point 3" long reach harness, TRS or WILLIANS I forget, will mount to rear seatbelt mounts. clips on type with aircraft twist buckle. £40 bargain

various headlights, drivers side, passenger side. £20 each. i have some that are painted inside the bowls for the tinted look. all the same price.
indicator pairs, or individual. £5 each £10 set
glt rear spoiler, been on my car for a while, and the centre mount is a bit soggy/ £20
i have another, which is in good condition £40. was destined for my car. but think ill go in another direction.

set of rear lights with the indicators tinted black £20
various other sets of rear lights £20 a pair

set of polo 14" steel wheels from a g40? fronts with toyo proxy tyres in ok condition, rear wheels have had the buckets flipped, to give the impression of dish. however they are still 6j or whatever wide. drift tyres fitted, so bare in mind. £50 the set.

Volvo 13" steels wheels, most with good legal tyres. £10 each

kn jupiters 13" wheels, believed to be 4x101 although my memory is a bit hazy. ive got them listed on here i believe so pictures should be attached. see advert.

various late grills, if you need one to hack up £5

the following are various parts I will pulling this off the car in the near future so if your interested please let me know:
rear disk brake conversion, with dual anti tramp (escort) bars twin sierra rwd calipers and disks (rebuilt) uses 360 handbrake cables. £200 brakes were recon'd from big read a few years back. has been on the car since so will have aged, although still operates freely.

front electric window motors/rails and glass. adapted from a four door and re welded to fit a two door. £30 the pair.
electric door mirrors, with motors and switches £30 pair.

4x100 rota grid wheels, powder coated in black (were originally that weird jdm bronze), all with good tyres, covered only a few thousand miles. centre caps purchased at great cost. a few very light kerb marks to the front wheels (i mean light) not sure what to ask for these, so open to offers.

nos 340 fuel tank, was running on th ecar for a very short period, although was boxed before that. £20 wont be needing this in the future so its just taking up space. any other fuel related parts you might need ill throw in.

ive a couple of 360 2.0l radiators. both known to be good. i might have the mounts aswell somewhere. £20 each. again wont be needing these.

rear saloon door handles, £20 a pair. ive a couple of these. a good mod for a cleaner look on the Volvo 300 2dr, is to put these on the front and loose the locks.

various wiring/connectors, fuses, relays and associated stuff.

some 52mm ebay gauges white faced on backing plate. oil, volts and amps from memory £10

hydraulic handbrake with master cylinder £20

rear leather bench seat, was going to fit back in the car. but I think ill opt out. centre hand rest removed to adapt it for a fire extinguisher mount. £30?

i have a pair of as new (fitted for a very short period) TRS harnesses 3" long reach, with aircraft buckle release. purchased with a pair of seats a while back. unsure if these will mount to the rear seatbelt mounts. will check. in excellent condition, as such asking £80 the pair.

snap off steering wheel boss. fits most wheels £20

rear 2" lowering blocks and land rover shocks £20

other non volvo parts:

golf mk3 bucket seat mounts?frames omp as new bolt straight up to existing runners £20 pair
Vauxhall zafira/astra z20let camblet kit, as new. bought and never fitted. £50
vauxhall zafira/astra z20let lower gasket kit. minus i believe the lower sump gasket £10

Volkswagen Passat b6 front light eyelid things. unpainted abs plastic £10
volkswagen passat b6 electronic handbrake switch. £5 new bought in error

various radios mostly sony faceoff types. £15 each. will get actuall model numbers and update

im on the lookout for the following so a trade could be well in order if i have anything to barter:

rear window fixed (non opening) rubbers
volvo 340/360 front screen.
early glt lattice grill

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Re: trimming down the spares collection,

Post by JOHN360 » 24 Dec 2018 12:39 am

After saloon osr mudflap if you've any ?


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Re: trimming down the spares collection,

Post by benji1985 » 24 Dec 2018 12:40 pm

Hey, I would be interested in the electric window motors, just the motors.
Would I be able to pay for the postage as I am in cornwall?


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Re: trimming down the spares collection,

Post by Andy P » 10 Feb 2019 02:11 pm

Hi mate,

What ever happened to Trundle? Still about?


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