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Post by axolotls2rule » 12 Nov 2012 05:14 pm

Time waster winner, advertised elsewhere, first come first served, See Ebay item number for advertisement: 121017482455. £800 ONO. Call - 07869135093.

Here we have my Volvo 360 GLS: the engine in the 360 GLS is the B19A, the rugged carb version of the Volvo's 2-litre engine. This quiet running engine is also matched to a 5speed gear box and produces a potent 92hp DIN at 5400rpm. The Volvo 360 has a power assisted dual circuit brake system with a front/rear split, large 8" discs on the front wheels and self adjusting drums at the rear. High tech items such as the exclusive transaxle configuration and de Dion rear axle, soundly engineered into the Volvo 360 to provide superior handling and predictably safe response in all situations, and the torque tube propeller shaft for full, vibration free power transmission to the rear wheels. The Volvo has no less than 11 stage anti-rust coats. The famous Volvo seats provide lumbar support to the lower back and the drivers seat is electronically heated for cold morning starts. Spacious interior and boot can be seen from the pictures.

~ Full service history from 83 - 2010 by Volvo, all dealer receipts, I took it on myself to service her from my own back yard using my preferred choice of lubricants and service parts, choosing the quality over the standard with garages typically use. Long exhaustive folder of paper work as evident from photo, New battery fitted, history shows extensive replacement and upkeep of parts by Volvo, from the smallest washers to a new clutch, the previous owner was meticulous ensuring that the vehicle was regularly valeted and kept in fabulous nick. The water pump has been replaced, each year in this history folder shows £1000's spent servicing and replacement parts, yes proof of £1000's spent since its first buyer and owner. Meticulous work has been carried out such as checking all of the components - a checklist that covers a manual service and check of 100 parts and a final road test after each precise service. Two new wheel cylinders, tooth-belt timing kit, coolant pump kit, carb strip down and clean, replacement silencer, unleaded conversion and engine tuning to adjust tappets and more recently, replaced passenger suspension cup and break caliper.

I have proof that the car has maintained complete and regular, thorough, quality servicing with a folder that boasts this immaculately kept classic which is so hard to get hold of these days, especially with such bodywork marred only by undulations in the near side rear passenger left hand door which can be see in the second to first photo; a slight ripple which shows up in light on photo, steels are completely untarnished as are the plastic body parts and surfacing, all of which I have treated with Auto glym products. Been an enthusiastic collector of such clean examples I have taken care of this lovely old girl since purchasing her last year and wish to buy a Volvo 240 Estate, this is still a reluctant sale as I know I won't come across such a great example again - only 65,500 on the clock and long tax. Owned by two elderly gentlemen who did not hold back on servicing the car regularly, on all occasions at Volvo dealers.

Please do not hesitate to contact me to arrange a viewing or ask of any queries.
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Re: Volvo 360 GLS for sale Ebay item no: 121017482455 FRESH

Post by MCHUDD » 13 Nov 2012 06:11 pm

Hi all.
What a beauty :D :D :D
Cheers Mark.
sm4 sm4 sm4

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Re: Volvo 360 GLS for sale Ebay item no: 121017482455 FRESH

Post by Speedy88 » 13 Nov 2012 09:00 pm

It's really nice! Right up my alley - I wonder why it won't show up on ebay searches though?
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Re: Volvo 360 GLS for sale Ebay item no: 121017482455 FRESH

Post by Hell Driver » 13 Nov 2012 10:27 pm

I was watching that on ebay (but not with a view to buy), reached £899. Bloody time wasters! I thought it was a fair price in that condition, looks like a very nice car indeed. Just one point, the wheels are not alloy, they are the standard steels.

Very strange that is fails to come up, I've just this minute gone through volvo 300, 343, 340, 360 (not all pages however as there are 100's! just newly listed.
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Re: Volvo 360 GLS for sale Ebay item no: 121017482455 FRESH

Post by S10NPH » 13 Nov 2012 10:38 pm

You need to click on 'completed listings' towards the bottom of the left hand bar.

I'm sorry to hear that your auction was won by a timewaster. It's a lovely car in an unusual colour, and I hope it goes to a good home.
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Re: Volvo 360 GLS for sale Ebay item no: 121017482455 FRESH

Post by axolotls2rule » 17 Nov 2012 04:33 am

Thanks guys. Well, I eventually cancelled the transaction a few days later which is probably why it doesn't appear now. The second chance offers never responded and the third said he couldn't fork out the extra to make up a reduced offer so it stands on the two Volvo sites and Gum tree... You get a lot of people saying how nice it is etc etc but nobody actually seems to WANT her ha ha. I will either re-list or retract the ad and stick with her for another year.

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Re: Volvo 360 GLS for sale FRESH MOT, NO ADVISERIES

Post by filthyjohn » 17 Nov 2012 01:32 pm

Holy moly! That's epic, I think mostly because it's brown!
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Re: Volvo 360 GLS for sale FRESH MOT, NO ADVISERIES

Post by volvosneverdie » 17 Nov 2012 01:33 pm

Brown love is the truest love. And the deepest.

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