Volvo 340 1.7 turbo engine

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Volvo 340 1.7 turbo engine

Post by madseb » 21 Jan 2016 01:02 pm

Hello all,

Im having a bit of a clear out, after my project has taken a change of direction.
Many of you may be aware, that I purchased, and broke up the husky racer a couple of years ago, And have the engine (a dyno proven 208bhp) for sale.
The engine is far from standard, and has benefited from a heavily worked head, 2.0 stroked crank conversion, uprated Cosworth injectors to list but a few.
to give a history of my ownership, the vehicle was purchased driven home, and broken up. the engine was moved to an engine stand where it has sat in my (dry) lock up. awaiting its fate.
The engine is located in Dagenham Essex.

here is a link to the original owner/builder of the engine:
below is the link for the last owner from whom I purchased it. with more information about the engine:

Given what the engine owes me I am offering the engine and ancillaries, including various other parts for the princely sum of £500. a basic package to get you as close to road worthy as possible.
now, given that the engine was modified to eliminate the maf sensor (somewhat of a limiting factor) it requires stand alone management to function.
The vehicle was running omex 500, which I will include in the sale. the omex was stripped back, with all terminals labeled, and new wiring purchased to rewire the loom to my needs. wiring and omex instructions will be included in the sale.
unfortunately the existing flywheel was sold on. and will require a new one. the 60-1 toothed flywheel is hardly rare. and cheap enough.

to save having to answer a few silly questions ill list a few here:
> will this engine fit my standard 1.4 / 1.7 340?
answer: yes it will happily marry up to the existing 1.7 bellhousing. however the 1.4 will require this part swapped.
>how much power does it make?
answer: the last owner had it dyno'd (sp?) and it showed 208bhp, with 233lb torque. this is more than enough to shred your prop, so bear this in mind.
>will you deliver.
answer: no.
>what is your reason for sale?
awnser: my projects drive train has reached the limits of its capability. to install this engine in it would be uneconomical to my wallet.
>will this fit any other cars?
answer: the 1.7 b18ft engine is a popular swap for the Renault5 turbo boys, and given the front mounted engine, and less limitations on the transmission, they can accept a lot more power.
>are you willing to accept offers?
answer: offers will be considered. however they will need to be within the region of the asking price.

Thank you all,
ill update the post should their be any questions that are unanswered.

feel free to pm me on here.
any other questions I can be reached on

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Re: Volvo 340 1.7 turbo engine

Post by derskine » 21 Jan 2016 07:06 pm

That's freakin' cheap, someone will get a bargain there.
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Re: Volvo 340 1.7 turbo engine

Post by madseb » 24 Jan 2016 05:53 pm

sold almost instantly.

Thanks to all who enquired.

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