Little 5dr looking for a new home!..

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Little 5dr looking for a new home!..

Post by Roge1 » 29 Mar 2016 10:30 am

1985 340DL – Must Go! . .

Morning all,

Following almost 3 years of ownership, I am letting my 340 go to make space for something else to chuck money at and get frustrated with . . !

The Basics..
1985 340DL (1.4 petrol) 4spd;
5 door, Red (several shades, but red nonetheless);
35k miles on the ‘clock’ (however this is anything but accurate – I would guess at nearer 45k!);
Towbar and double electrics (no idea if they work, never been utilised in my ownership!);
MOT valid until mid-June 2016;
Bought and transported from South of England to N/E Aberdeenshire 3 years ago, with a view to lightly renovating and then using as a daily driver.

In my ownership, what has been replaced or fitted?..

Shorter list would be ‘what hasn’t’, however:
Steel wheels replaced with decent Leo alloy wheels;
Sills, structural areas and front valance all cut out (tin worm had been highlighted on previous MOTs) and replaced with new metal – then coated in anti-stonechip paint and underside resealed where necessary;
Front period (Hella) driving lights sourced and fitted (wired up to come on with full beam);
VW Golf Mk 1 front splitter fitted;
Sony Xplod front loading CD player fitted;
Brand new windscreen sourced and fitted
Engine wise…
Carb and Cylinder Head removed, refurbed and refitted (all spacers/gaskets replaced);
Plugs (several times), Leads, Cap, Rotor arm, belts and all Filters;
Front Pads;
Fuel Pump;
Washer pumps and tubing
Too many other bits ‘n’ bobs to remember…

The ‘honest’ bits. .

Why am I selling? Well, quite frankly, despite all the work I have done (some myself, the rest by local garages) I cannot get the car to run as it should, and the resulting lack of reliability has now pushed me ‘over the edge’ - I have effectively run out of patience and love for the project. Cosmetically, although solid, there is surface rust starting to come through on the arches and door bottoms, the paint work is dull and marked (some bodywork has obviously been done by a previous owner) and there is a small dent in the rear passenger door.
I dare say that, with all the work and replacement parts, a solution for the engine issue is perhaps very simple and staring me in the face – unfortunately however I cannot muster the interest in persevering with it any further!!..
Personal circumstances are also now impacting continued ownership, having become increasingly difficult over the past 12-18 months, and I can no longer justify throwing time and money at the car.

In Summary..

The car is a very original and useable example that still gets a lot attention whenever taken out on the roads. Although far from show ready, she is comfy (almost immaculate inside), practical and solid, and in many many ways will be greatly missed by me and the family. “You don’t see many of those any more…”, and “I remember my Dad/Mum/Grandparent/Aunty (delete as appropriate) having one of these when I was a nipper” type conversations start almost everywhere, and the overall reaction is much more convivial than if it were to be a Porsche or Ferrari…

As you will all understand, a lot of money has been thrown at this car in the time I’ve owned it – not in the anticipation of making a profit, but in the hope of owning and running a car with immense character that has rapidly disappeared from our roads (despite the sheer volume prevalent in the 1980s). I fully appreciate that the money spent cannot ever be recuperated, and that these cars are still to be fully recognised as the classic they surely are, so with a heavy heart I’ve elected to advertise it with an asking price of just £800 GBP OVNO.*

Hopefully someone out there can recognise the potential I believe still exists in the car, and take it away to a new caring home.

Pics too 'big' to be attached – email me and I'll send them along.

Thanks for reading the ad.

Roge1 :|

*Buyer to collect.

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Re: Little 5dr looking for a new home!..

Post by Roge1 » 29 Mar 2016 01:22 pm

Have added current pics to Photobucket, hopefully per link below. Please let me know if anyone experiences any issues accessing same.



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Re: Little 5dr looking for a new home!..

Post by SteveP » 29 Mar 2016 04:58 pm

Shame to read you're selling, nice to see your car though! Looks good! Got to be worth the asking, given the work you've put in to it. Mk2 too! :340:
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Re: Little 5dr looking for a new home!..

Post by Roge1 » 10 Apr 2016 09:18 pm

Now provisionally sold.


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Re: Little 5dr looking for a new home!..

Post by shearermax » 12 Apr 2016 07:45 am

dont suppose you fancy taking the fog lights off and selling them too me 8)

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