New 360 owner - SW Scotland

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Re: New 360 owner - SW Scotland

Post by TasMan » 10 Oct 2019 09:05 pm

Hi Mark, Lol, getting carried away there! I had to look up what a snow cap was....! :lol:
Aye a few extra gauges wouldn't go wrong provided they were original Volvo accessories....suppose these things turn up now and again. I am surprised the GLT doesn't have more gauges as standard...
Louvre - acquired taste, if one came up it would be rude not to give it a go but I know they are a rare and sought after add on.
A set of Leo wheels are on the wanted list, keeping an eye on all the usual selling sites. There is a nice set of refurbed standard GLT alloys on Ebay at the moment if anyone is needing a set (not mine just commenting).
Cheers Dave
1987 360 GLT

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