Turbine maps for Volvo turbos?

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Turbine maps for Volvo turbos?

Post by jtbo » 06 Dec 2012 01:25 pm

I have some 80 compressor maps and around 10 turbine maps, but I would like to find out more, especially for turbos used in 240 turbo or r-sport kits and also for turbos people have put to motors.

Also A/R numbers, trim, model efficiency for full range etc.

So if you have came across of such, I'm all ears.

Virtual car building environment now has turbo support, proper of such even, so ton of data are needed to be able to build them.

I managed to get FIA Formula two turbo engine file, so got GT35 turbo there, put it to B200K and 2 bar of boost, what a blast, well luckily engine does not blow in virtual world, so can do bit silly things ;)
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