Volvo 162C M3

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Volvo 162C M3

Post by Fuse » 06 Aug 2015 06:07 pm

If you are wondering the title "what the heck.." the 162C M3 is the newest build from probably one of the best Volvo builders I know of, Rami Rantanen (alias "Kulmamies") from Finland

It's an E36 M3 body combined with a Volvo 164.. :-Everyhing is fabricated from metal (as can be seen from the project pics), no body kits or glass fibre and huge amounts of filler in this case. :-P

It's still under construction, mostly interior wise but the progress has been amazing considering that it has been less than a year since he started the project.

Here are some project pictures at his image site ... t=2&page=1 ... t=9&page=1 ... t=2&page=1

It's not his first car, he's the same guy who built the white 16VTurbo Amazon, D24TIC Amazon, "P1800R", 965 D5 etc... his previous builds are also at his image site. ... t=2&page=0

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