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Rim off set - what have you got?

Posted: 25 Sep 2015 08:31 pm
by d34n0
Hi all, I'm quite new here. Bought myself a 44k 1983 343 little while back. Just got in running nicely & will be on the road early next year once she's cleaned up to how I want it.

I've started looking into 'stance' on the car. I've had the wheels off & measured what I think to be some good tyre/wheels sizes. Was hoping you could point me further down a good route.

What I'm aiming for is - the 360 on the home page of but I'd like to go a smidge lower.

Does anybody know what wheels & offset they are?

These are the sizes I think will work nicely -

7J et25 or 8J et38.

If anybody has got help & photos that would be great.