New to V3M but not to Volvo's

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New to V3M but not to Volvo's

Post by thesaint6034 » 10 Apr 2019 08:49 pm

Hi to all,
My name is Tracey from Warwickshire. I have owned and driven Volvo's since I was 23yrs old --- many many yrs ago now :oops:
I'm hoping someone can advise please.

I'm thinking of buying a 360GLS 1983 :360: will be viewing it over this weekend, I have had very good comms with person selling, been sent lots of pics to view car. Must say it looks real clean and tidy with approx 50.000miles showing.

My problem is, it has to be 15-18yrs since I last owned a 360GLS, which i had great fun driving. Unfortunately I had to sell her after many yrs ownership but had no choice at the time, and I certainly missed her but have never forgotten that car.
Now this one has popped up like it was meant to be sort of thing= come on guys you know what I mean, any excuse lol. :lol:
But I don't know what sort of price I should be looking to pay for a clean looking, tidy, low mileage for age of it, can anyone advise me.... please and quickly as weekend not far away.
Thanks in advance, regards Tracey .

PS- wish me luck, 340pw hoping it's not been a drifter( no offense meant) as I'm recently now classed as disabled and can no longer work under cars or even change plugs n points anymore sm2 , nevermind afford to replace shocks,tyres,splitters etc...

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Re: New to V3M but not to Volvo's

Post by Logan360 » 11 Apr 2019 12:15 pm

Welcome back to the 360 life.

50k miles on a 36 year old car is pretty impressive. I hope it is as clean as it sounds. An original one is becoming very rare.

I too understand the ailment of being unable to work on cars. I'm epileptic and had to pull the bumper off my 960, which pushed me to my limits.

As for a price, i would estimate £2k for an original, low milage 360GLS
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Re: New to V3M but not to Volvo's

Post by MCHUDD » 11 Apr 2019 12:49 pm

Hi Tracey and welcome.
I drive a 1983 360 GLS as a daily and it copes with
modern traffic conditions exellently. Infact it will leave
some modern car for dead on a steep hill. Much to the
surprise of some folk lol. Keep some oil in the sromberg
although you probably know that. As for price, i don't know
as i bought mine 10 years ago. Good luck.
Cheers Mark.
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Re: New to V3M but not to Volvo's

Post by thesaint6034 » 11 Apr 2019 01:02 pm

Thanks Logan360 and mchudd for your reply. Cutting things short it looks like I've upset the owner this morning unintentionally I must say.

They got in touch checking to see if still viewing at weekend, I replied that I'm still very interested, have cash waiting, willing to travel the 2hrs to view etc... but was honest with them and said I'd done my homework on prices they were selling for, could he be more flexible on price ( they had said they would knock £100 originally).

The reply was quite abrupt - they didn't feel it was right car for me and not to waste our times. I apologised that they felt like that, there was no need for it as I was not messing him about I am still interested etc and I dont expect to pay bottom book price, but he didn't even ask what I was offering, just said again not to waste our times.
Shame it ended like that, but I'd be a fool not to do my homework when buying a car. Looks a very nice car but felt £2495 (2395) was a little too much. So NO 360gls for me .

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Re: New to V3M but not to Volvo's

Post by Hell Driver » 11 Apr 2019 09:03 pm

I bought an original condition 17,000 mile 360 in 2009 for £1200. Felt like a lot then, but not now. The car you are looking at looks very nice, you have to weigh up the cost of the cam belt it's had done, exhaust and other things etc. I had an a stainless exhaust fitted at the same place in Doncaster on my 740 last year so can safely say it's very high quality and worth that cost. Here is the ebay listing from 2018 when it was sold (I think it's the same car?) The auction was ended early but had reached £1006, presumably it was sold for more than that. Add on the cost of the improvements, coil overs, exhaust, new tyres/wheels etc. and you can see how if you bought one which was cheaper but needed those things you could have to spend just as much on it. It's true that the values are increasing (gradually). Even if you paid what some people consider 'a bit too much', depending on how long you intend keeping it for, it will be worth more eventually anyway. Keep in mind that originality does effect price. 100% original is better than one that's been modified, this one has not been altered too much and the paintwork looks original and good. At the end of the day, only you can decide how much you want to pay and how much the car is worth to you. ... 7675.l2557
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Re: New to V3M but not to Volvo's

Post by bogbasic » 11 Apr 2019 10:04 pm

Hello, 2 and a half grand for an 83 car is a lot of money so it would have to be very good - a top-notch car would certainly be worth that sort of amount but you would want to take a classic car buff with you before spending that sort of money. Any horrors will be well out of sight so if you can get someone to lie down and have a good look underneath it would be worth it. Sounds like the seller is a bit hostile.
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Re: New to V3M but not to Volvo's

Post by thesaint6034 » 12 Apr 2019 11:12 am

Thanks Hell Driver and Bogbasic for your comments. I am a classic car owner already I bought a P1800E when I was a young lady of 23, I still own the same car ive just turned 60 :( at beginning of April this year. Big difference is I'm now classed disabled and still alive :D
I fully understand what Hell Driver is saying, I was intending to keep the 360gls which I had originally told the seller. I love cars with shape and character always have done.

I can only think that when seller read my text when I was trying to ask if they could be more flexible on price, that is where things went wrong. It's very difficult when texting someone as a text does not show feelings or when read by someone else , comes across as cold,hard and completely different to what texter actually meant it to sound. So both our faults really, but I would not have been as abrupt and would have asked what was the price buyer was offering and try to come to a compromise.

Oh well I can't turn the clock back. Shame.
Best regards Tracey

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Re: New to V3M but not to Volvo's

Post by SteveP » 27 Apr 2019 08:07 am

Hi Tracey, hope you managed to find one - I spoke to you on the Volvo Owners Club forum. Did you ever get a chance to look at the brown one on Facebook?
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