who was that drifter in a white 340??

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who was that drifter in a white 340??

Post by 5lab » 12 Aug 2008 04:49 pm

think there's a very short clip of him in the intro to this

http://www.itv.com/CatchUp/Video/defaul ... lter=24459


edit : also at 8mins in
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Post by 340GLT » 12 Aug 2008 05:43 pm

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Post by trabitom99 » 13 Aug 2008 01:23 pm

ITV wrote:"Sorry, videos can only be viewed if you are in the UK"

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Post by jtbo » 13 Aug 2008 01:35 pm

trabitom99 wrote:
ITV wrote:"Sorry, videos can only be viewed if you are in the UK"

Bastards :evil:

Maybe they will change it if we threaten to boycott their channel? I can't see ITV anyway, but let's not tell them that. ;)
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Post by Ronnie » 13 Aug 2008 04:28 pm

The footage was a few seconds of a white 340 drifting on a completely empty road at night - and was held up as the worst kind motoring behaviour, all quite hysterical...
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Post by pistonpen paultje » 13 Aug 2008 09:09 pm

I would love to see that...Maybe I need to go on holidays in the UK:P

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Post by Nikdev » 13 Aug 2008 09:17 pm

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Post by garth » 13 Aug 2008 09:32 pm

Ah the good old british media and public. They try to ban everything, and everything we do is anti social. Now the things is, most of the drift boys go playing in quiet industrial estates or dissused carparks to increase their skills. Nothing wrong in that I don't think. They want to get the boy racers up in my local town doing handbrake turns in their little wap wap corsas outside of pets at home. Now thats dangerous driving. If we want to do any form of motorsport it costs a lot of money, doesn't matter what it is. And with the government taxing the brains out of us, and we're all working stupid hours any bit of fun we have is a cheeky bonus.

Ok next bit, I couldn't watch it all as my computer didn't want to play, so if I've said the wrong thing....Sorry. :oops:

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