Actual proper help needed.

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Actual proper help needed.

Post by mac » 30 Nov 2013 11:54 am

The 300 crowd has a good rep. for helping each other - here's another chance.

Is there anyone in the Birmingham "area" who could assist a "senior",Fred, with his CVT. His daily has suffered a broken belt and has light surface rusting on the pulleys. He has new belts but has neither the tools nor the facilities to work on his car himself. He wants to clean off the pulleys and fit new belts to squeeze a bit more life out of an otherwise sound car. But does not want to risk driving very far on the one remaining belt. (Dai has offered help but is a fair distance away)

Ideally we need somebody fairly close with the tools, facilities, and abilities to help. I have the willingness and ability but as most of you know my current "fragility" rather precludes me from pitching in! (also I don't have the space, nor the "clamp" and in any case I'm some 150 mls away myself).

If we can't help do we know anyone in the Daf community who could perhaps?

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