Some rules on the V3M board

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Some rules on the V3M board

Post by Duvel78 » 05 Feb 2014 11:06 pm

To be honest, I'm not a big fan of rules. But because V3M has to stay a great place, here are some basic rules:

1. Please use the SEARCH function first! If you have a question (and certainly if you're a new or recent member), check first old topics with the search function, you'll find a lot of information.

2. If you're new on the site, please present yourself first, there is a specific topic dedicated to that. Older members can use it too of course, it's even highly recommanded :D !

3. Do not post messages in wrong categories, please read first the categories names before sending a message. For example, if you're looking for a part, do NOT send your message in the technical section. We've several categories (engine, transmission, bodywork, electricity...), please select the right one!

4. If you're selling something, please indicate a PRICE because V3M is not the right place for a sharp rise in prices or bids. Talking about sales, if you're the seller (or not!) of an interesting item for sale, please only use the "offer" section.

5. V3M is not a drifting community but everyone is welcome of course! The essential thing is that we just want to see 300 series, with modifications or not, as long as possible on the road! That's the spirit :D

6. Finally, have fun and don't forget your sense of humor!

Thanks and welcome to the board!

Cheers sm4

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