Duchess The Volvo 340 CVT

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Re: Duchess The Volvo 340 CVT

Post by benji1985 » 27 Oct 2020 09:24 pm

bogbasic wrote:
20 Oct 2020 02:39 am
I've put it: here. It now has some tweaks that should improve it a bit and has been virus-checked!

It took 1.5 hours to upload to Google Drive after midnight, so I would allow a similar amount of time for downloading and it'll probably take about the same amount of time to unzip it! Its best to use a text searching program like recoll (small donation for Windows) or docfetcher (free), etc, to make an index of the pdf files in the resulting folder (v3m), which takes about another hour, and then your subsequent searches will be pretty much instantaneous. More info on the blog. Do let me know of any issues, suggestions and also if you just download a copy, then I will know who has a backup in case my hard disk dies. If a few people could possibly test it, I might post the link in one of the general threads if there is any sort of interest at all ;-?
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I'll have a good look through when i get chance :)

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