Group buy 360 Ali radiator

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Group buy 360 Ali radiator

Post by Ride_on » 02 Aug 2017 10:49 am

I'm looking at a custom Aluminum radiator for the 360 turbo as the cooling is marginal at best, and wondering if others might be interested. Have 1 other at the moment.

Suggested spec is standard core areas with 40mm thick (as opposed to 32mm standard). You will have to frabricate / modify your own brackets.

Price estimate is that it will be over £360 (incl vat) for 1 unit. Hopefully cheaper in larger batches.

Group buy method - you will deal directly with the supplier and the guarantee will be with them, will probably need a deposit until enough orders are received. The group buy is merely to get enough customers together at the same time.

Anyone with any info on suggested spec, mounting method, suppliers already quoted, sympathetic modifications?
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