MY 82 343 Radio removal

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MY 82 343 Radio removal

Post by Earthnut » 12 Oct 2021 02:10 pm

Hey everyone,

I really hope that someone is still around who might help me with my question.
I've got a '82 343 and was wondering if anyone could tell me how to remove the radio.
My dash and radio look like this:
I've found instructions for different radio types, but none of those quite look like mine. If anyone has advice, I would be very glad! Also I'm looking at any information on facia plates for DIN radios, I've got a set of facias for 200 and 700 series, because I read that either the low mount 240 or the 700 series should fit, but it doesn't look like it.

All the best!


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Re: MY 82 343 Radio removal

Post by volvomania » 15 Oct 2021 01:21 pm

The person who can probably tell you will be S10NPH.
I will have a look in the books, but so far they have not been forthcoming....
My gutt feeling says that there will be something to push in on the sides behind the cover around the radio
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Re: MY 82 343 Radio removal

Post by fatuglypaapa1 » 29 Jul 2022 01:53 pm

Looks the same as in my -79. I didn't get any tips or tricks from the manual or from any forum to help me remove my stereo. What you need to do is basically unscrew 3(?) screws from the left side of the radio and from the right side. The screws are holding a plastic plate in place near the feet of the driver and another one on the passengers side towards the stereo.

Remove those screws, then you can remove the plastic plate and therer you have access to the screw that holds the stereo. Just unscrew it by hand on both sides of the stereo and it's out. Just be careful with the plastic as it is incredibly brittle.

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