Oil pressure gauge/sender for F7P

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Alex Laidlaw
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Oil pressure gauge/sender for F7P

Post by Alex Laidlaw » 22 Aug 2014 01:57 pm

I'm having a problem trying to get an oil pressure gauge to work with my F7P, I think the sender may be dodgy.

The sender is the standard F7P one and the gauge is a Volvo VDO 5 bar one, which I've been told should work with the Renault sender.

The gauge reads low (but does move off the slightly off the end stop) when signal wire from the gauge is connected to earth. The gauge reads high when signal wire is disconnected & when connected to sender (with engine off). Sender resistance when removed from engine is high (~4 MOhm).

When running the gauge is mostly on the high end stop, although occasionally drops down and reads a sensible 3 bar or so.

I believe I need to get a new sender, does anybody know the size of the thread and the correct one to get? I'm not sure if it's M14 or 1/4 NPT, the OD of the thread is 13.8mm, which could be either?

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