CVT query!!

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CVT query!!

Post by Havin-a-tug » 11 May 2015 12:05 pm

Hi all.

I have two 340 automatics with the CVT transmission. They both drive very similar with the revs slowly dropping as you accelerate gently around town, but when I accelerate they are both different and I wonder which is right.

With the one I've recently purchased, when I accelerate to gain speed the revs jump up as soon as I accelerate by 750-1000rpm where as with the other one which I've had for over a year, when I accelerate there's a barely noticeable change in RPM and I gradually gain speed. The same applies when I accelerate to go up a hill. It's like my older one holds top gear position unless I use kick down where as my newer one kicks down immediately even though I'm not operating kick down.

The belts are tight, the clutch doesn't slip and the vacuum valves are working as they should opening and closing with sufficient vacuum, but I wondered if there's vacuum escaping somewhere that I don't know of that someone else might have experienced. What other things can I test?

Any help would be appreciated.


Volvo 340 CVT 1986. Daf 66 SL variomatic 1974.

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