CVT noisy

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CVT noisy

Post by Havin-a-tug » 28 Oct 2016 05:01 am

Hi all.

Today I changed the belts on my Daf 66 variomatic as the ones on it were I'm sure near the same age as the car and they were stretching every 200 miles or so and I was having to retension them. I wish I'd not bothered.

I used second hand belts and now there's a horrible noise coming from the rear. It was quite quiet before I changed the belts and it did only have a very faint notorious CVT whine. Now it's got this odd rumble and the whine is much louder and also now when I accelerate from around 40mph the RPM's shoot up and it doesn't seem to pull like it used to where as before the revs would barely change and I'd gain speed with the RPM raising gently as I gained speed.

Although my replacement belts seemed in good condition and are tensioned ok and were clean,I did notice that they seemed to have taken the shape of the pulleys from the previous car which would mean I assume that it had been stationary for some time??

Any fellow CVT fans that can offer some advice?
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