360 Injection Swirl pot

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360 Injection Swirl pot

Post by Ride_on » 01 Aug 2017 11:34 am

I've been having issue with fuel starvation on RH corners on the track and trying to see what the problem is. I've had some converstaion on FB and also thought I document it here too.

Basically the swirl pot seems to be a bad design for the track, when combined with B230FT speeds, heavy braking and decent track tyres it just empties completely on RH corners and the engine dies. This is bad for fun, and bad for the engine (apparently) although it seems to cleanly cut I don't know why it is bad.

I'd like a sympthetic solution, rather than multiple pipes and additional pump to an external swirl pot.

The method for emptying seems to be heavy braking followed by hard RH. There is no lip on the pot at the front to reduce it flying out the top under braking, whereas there is for cornering. Also the fill route is underneath from the RHS. Also the fill rate may not be that great when compared to a B230FT at full power.

Initially I want a lip on the front or mostly cover it, but there are problems. The only access hole is too small to get hads into and the pot will not come out through it.

If that doesn't sort it then some forced filling by a small external pump attached to the lob joiner pipe and a carb sender module might do the trick.

If I can get a measurement on the top I might be able to design a 3D printed nylon insert for the top that could clip in.
Fuel fill route
Internal swirl pot
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