Breaking, 1991(H) MC shell and B18FT project

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Breaking, 1991(H) MC shell and B18FT project

Post by Chris_C » 17 Feb 2013 09:33 pm

Hey all, after a lot of thinking, I've decided I don't have drive currently to finish my B18FT project. I'm more than aware that isn't a drivable thing and there are parts that are more saleable than others.

I'm sure you will be aware, I'm also not getting out of 300s. I have another usefully purposeful one that uses a lot of the same bits, so there are items that will not be for sale.

Firstly, the shell, is Kar, my 1991 ex B14.4E that I took from 96,000miles to ~136,000. She was my first car and did me well, hence wanting to save it. It is also a *very* late shell, I will give the first number to a genuine interested party. There have been discussions with the VOC as to whether they know of any later ones.
However, whilst it has it's possible historical significance in it's favour, I'm in no way going to tell people it's a good shell. It needs a fair chunk of putting right, think inner wings and jacking points, I'd be surprised if another area didn't raise itself. The leading edge of the bonnet is knackered and the tailgate is rotten around the lock, one front wing has been hit. Currently has the B18FT below in, but the original B14 block and sump sit in the garden under a tarp (no head/carb/few other useful bits. The head was removed the correct way, so the liners haven't been disturbed, however the block swallowed a washer in service, hence the cars original retirement. I'd throw it in free for keeping the correct engine block with the car). It's colour code is 311, I've only seen one other car in the colour and that was in a scrappy. I did my first ever car fixing on the inner wings and it's not up to the level I now strive for, I was learning.

It would probably make a base tramp drift shell, not that I know what that entails, but road worthyness would take a lot. Again, before buying, I would offer the potential nutter photos, I have no up to date ones here.

Dutch type people, would anyone over there be interested? If it was going to a restorer with a pedigree, I'd be more than happy to talk about pennies.

Last car I weighed in got me £150 and given the useful parts I'd have off the shell before it went I'm not letting it go much below scrap value. £100 will do it. Second problem is the car is located on the Isle of Wight, so will need trailering from there. I imagine that isn't going to help tempt people.

Secondly, I have a B18FT on a 340 1.7 sump currently sat in the engine bay. It also has a 1.7 bell housing on it, although I use those myself so I would prefer not to sell it with it. The engine is from my old 480 turbo auto ( I have mileage written down somewhere I'm sure) and was a very nice power source in a rotten shell. I sourced flywheel, clutch (it is currently sat on a brand new genuine Volvo turbo clutch, again, I use these in my Valver, so not worked out if I really want to sell that). It would come with intake manifold, turbo, possibly exhaust manifold as I think I still have it somewhere. Also loom (uncut, I removed it from the plugs), both ECU's. I'm looking for £150 collected (again, from the Island), a bit more if I bring it to Southampton which realistically can't happen for a few months and variations on the price depending on the bellhousing/clutch/flywheel being included.

There is also a supposed "Richmod" ECU. I can't imagine there is the interest here, but I will offer it just incase. I wish to check the authenticity of this before selling it to anyone, I'd be looking for £125 for it.

Lastly, for now, is the exhaust manifold I had custom made by ClassicSwede. It's a lovely design, I was very picky about how I wanted it. It was made from (from memory) 307 stainless, to allow flexibility unlike most SS, but still providing protection from corrosion. I paid £300 for this, I'd be looking for £200, or a deal if it went with the engine. To give you a clue about how it sits, last two photos give you a clue about it's height, and that it clears the standard bonnet:
Actually, I say lastly, the intercooler in that picture is also for sale, £25 collected, I can probably sort some form of postage on it if required but again, it'd be when I go to the island, which is very unlikely before Easter. similarly the intake manifold in those pictures isn't standard B18FT, it's one of the other 400's to move the throttle body, that can also be available separately. Hella grill and snowcap are not for sale unless you feel silly rich, sorry.

Realistically, as the engine sits, it can be dropped straight into a 300. The loom and ECUs are there, there are 6 wires to connect from memory. It would then need an exhaust and a fuel pump (I'd suggest the setup Adam has used to very good effect in his Valver conversions). The manifold is a great way to get the turbo round all the issues normally associated with RHD 340's.

Lastly, all parts are on the island. Please don't expect next day service, but if there is super keen interest for big stuff, I'll do what I can to get over there and to sort it. I'm next looking to be there at Easter.
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