windscreen, driveshafts and odds and sods

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windscreen, driveshafts and odds and sods

Post by thododd » 14 Jul 2014 10:33 pm

1x mk3 windscreen, as removed from an 80k '85 vario, with seal and 'chrome' strips.
1x set of 3 door side windows (door glass and rear qtrs) with winder mechanisms

1x bonnet .... almost completely covered in overspray as its been used as a paint bench for a while

1x pair of driveshafts from same vario, complete with bolts and spreader plates/lock tabs

odds and sods including; fuel tank, sunvisors, centre console, various interior trim pieces. a detailed list will be compiled at the weekend

as for prices, all the above can be had for a tenner, ie if you come get it, you can take it. similarly the stripped 3 door vario shell is available (with V5) to anyone who wants it and can take it away. no running gear, glass removed, no interior ... etc. pics can be supplied if anyones interested

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