1987 340 4 door saloon with f7 hybrid and bike carbs

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1987 340 4 door saloon with f7 hybrid and bike carbs

Post by Nick-340GL » 22 May 2015 05:51 am

The times come to sell my 340 saloon and move onto playing with something else. Ive owned it 8 months or so, baught it as a 1 carefully lady owner car who (no word of a lie) used it to go to church and back. Ive done a fair bit to it since ive owned it and its a far from standard. It has covered about 55k (taco stopped at 33k) and is mot'd till 7th of september.


the body isnt too bad for its age. The front and rear valances are bent (ameaturs and kurbs don't go). its a solid shell though and i cant find any terminal rust on it what so ever, the sills have been welded before, patch in the wheel arch and rear arch lip repaired. The paint isnt the best with primer spots here and there but with a lick of paint it would look really nice.


-unlike most drift 340s, ive retained the 80s blue interior (its awsome) as i wanted to be able to use it as a daily and take people in the car, which is does with ease.
-Being a 4 door saloon its pretty comfy aswell. Theres a deep dish steering wheel on a 205gti boss which totally improves the drive ability.
-Ive put a cheap corbeau bucket seat in for the deiver on the standard rails so u can still adjust the position, the seat covers are ripped and its in poor condition so needs replacing ideally.
-Its even got the original tape player radio in it still and standard speakers, but for some reason the radios stopped working.


-its running classic swede (volvo/340 specialist) 75mm drift spring on the front with the usual diff oil filled shocks. Its had new top mount bearings aswell when i had it all off.
-On the back, theres land rover 110 shocks and again 75mm lowering blocks.
-The lower arms and tie bars are polybushed aswell, didnt get round to doing anything else though.
- ebc ultimax pads and brand new discs on the front with ferrado pads in the back.
- Before it went back on the road 7 months ago, i replaced the ball joints and tie rods aswell.


- now, the car started life as a 1.7 and was driven round like that for about 2 months, but ofcourse i needed more power as the engine was gutless. i bought a 340 mainly so i could do an f7 swap on it as ive always wanted to do it. I sourced a "hybrid" f7 engine that had been to nev at "driftmoto" for a basic freshen up, new seals and gaskets and a clean. A hybrid is a f7r 2.0 bottom end (710) from a megane coupe (1996). The head is a standard 1.8 clio williams head with distributor inorder to run the carbs.
- the fuelling comes via a set of bandit 1200 bike carbs on a custom manifold made by nev. These are setup as best i can get them but will definatelly need to be taken to a specialist to get the most out of them.
- the wngine has only done about 12-1500 miles in the car, but due to my fans packing up at pod and it overheating, ive had to replace the headgasket again. The head was skimmed whilst it was off.
- the engines sat on classic swede solid poly mounts. These are stiff but transfer little vibration throigh the car.
- OFCOURSE, THE DIFF IS WELDED and had new diff oil (obviously) and i also replaced the gearbox oil whilst i was at it.


- The clutch is on its way out, still drives and drifts well, but slips on the odd occassion. There easy to change on these tho, 2 hour job If your taking your time and on the floor.
- the taco stopped working on 33k, i estimate that it has done around 50-55k judging by what the previous owner (friend of mine) told me.
- carbs need setting up properly by a prefessional to make the most of the power avaliable.
- bodywork will need attention (if u wanted to) to make it resonable


I WILL MISS THIS CAR, but needs must and i need to move onto something else. It is a capable drift car and shreds tyres really well whilst making an epoc roar from the carbs.

I'm looking for offers in the region of £1500 but will listen to offers or swaps.

The cars located in oxford ox4 and open to viewings most evenings and at weekends.

Please text (cant recieve calls at my house) or wattsapp me on 07897776852

I can send pics over the above aswell.

Any questions please ask


1987 1.7 340 4 door saloon, 2" drop on 13s with a welder :D

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