New 340 project - rallycross, drift and learning

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New 340 project - rallycross, drift and learning

Post by inthebeardwetrust » 15 May 2023 06:48 pm

Hello all,

Wanted to introduce myself, in Johnathan or JB from the UK, although looks like I had an account already here from years ago (anyway to change username?)

I have taken on a 340 project. It’s quite a cool story. Probably 15 years ago, I drove this car. It was my mates, I had a R32 skyline gtst at the time. I loved it!! It had no power, it was like a boat but something about it I fell in love with.

We used to call it the Swedish AE86 (given our drift love hence the connection)

The car has now been sat for 11 years. It is however solid it appears. And so I have agreed to take the 340 from my mate to build it up. He didn’t want to just stare at it anymore 😭

So, my aim is to finish this season of rallycross (funds permitting) in the Saxo vts, then I shall start the Volvo.

Initial ideas, B230 turbo engine. At first I thought to just install 360 running gear but now I’m looking at m90 gearbox with 740 rear axle and suspension. I am certainly open to options so if anyone has any suggestion I will happily look into them. Budget is not limitless however and I will be doing a lot of the work myself, potentially some of the fabrication will have to be sent out.

It will be a huge project for me so it will take some time. At the end of it, I may not want to race the car but we shall see.

But I can’t wait. I have a YouTube channel called The Road Hunters for anyone who wants to follow along in the future

And I will aim to blog it up on here over time.

Hope to speak to you all and see you about.

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Re: New 340 project - rallycross, drift and learning

Post by SteveP » 16 May 2023 08:59 am

B230 turbo with 360 running gear is enough to make them a right laugh. I always feel like the M90/live rear axle conversion is a step backwards in terms of weight distribution/balance. It doesn't exactly bolt in and you'd need a custom propshaft.
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