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Post by ChrisFromTarn » 18 Apr 2012 11:55 pm

Well hello there to all you volvo lovers. Just started joining a few forums as in the very near future I will have an F7R for sale. Just gauging interest really and I didn't really know where to start :).

I'll make a specific for sale ad when I know the exact details, as to be quite honest I don't really know much about cars, I just enjoy driving. Fast lol.

What i do know though :-

Megane 2.0 bottom end. Standard rods, but i also have a set of either valver or williams rods too its been to long i can't remember.
F7P head freshly rebuilt with bigger valves/injectors (? - Like i say i'll get exact details from my brother when i sort the ad out :) )
Full Wiring Loom
Mk1 Phase 1 Clio 1.8 16v ECU with chip carrier ready installed.
Gunner180 Chip - Now apparently the guy who made the chip had the exact same setup as this and got 180bhp. Pretty sure the limits set at 7200. I know rolling roads can be dodgy sometimes etc etc, but his car was fast fast! Engine runs but has never been used in the car. Only to test start. So sadly I can't prove the output of it but I would love to hear some results if anyone is interested in buying.
Brand new clutch. Like i say cars never moved off drive so is like new.
JB3 gearbox - No crunches was perfect when car was running. I know the extra torque in this engine will probably rip it to bits in time but still good. I'm guessing they don't fit your cars but its there if anyone wants to buy it.
Brand new 2.0 starter motor.

Engine will need running in of course.

Like i say i'm just starting gauging interest. Reason for sale is that i blew my valver clios F7P engine a few years back, gave it to my brother to fix and de rust the shell and sadly got let down by him taking the complete piss to get it done. Only things left to do is set all brakes up and Stick all suspension back on. Oh and a sh*tload of bodyfilling. But its been 3 years now and i'm just fed up of waiting. Really wish i didn't have to do it but sadly i must. And now i just want to make some money to fund my other car. Gone for reliabilty this time and got a crx del sol vtec while i save up for an RX7 ;).

I can't put an exact date on when it'll be ready for sale, but it is happening. I'm not breaking the engine, as I just need it gone in one piece sorry.

Any other links to other sites where there might be interest in the engine would be greatly appreciated :).

Thanks and sorry about all the writing.


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