My 360 GLS available in Prague - off the road for 4 years

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My 360 GLS available in Prague - off the road for 4 years

Post by Kingfisher » 24 Apr 2012 06:21 pm

Hi all,

I can't keep my car anymore and I was thinkng if somebody here lives around Czech rep. and is willing to take care of the car. I live in Ireland for four years now and left my car behind me. I have no picture of current state of the car, but there was some rust on the driver's side and passenger side - bottom of both doors. Can't say how bad it is now. I would rather to give it to somebody who will restore it, or use it for parts. Last thing I want is to scrap it, because I just can't do this to that car. It served me for more than two years and it's such a great car. It has a B200K 2.0 petrol engine.

PM me, or discuss below. I also have four original steel wheels for the car (standard steel wheels are on the car)

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